Our Mission

LiquidLore is an online whitewater guidebook that provides accurate river information free of charge. By providing river access information we hope to encourage others to go out and explore our many and varied waterways, Also, providing a record of navigation can be a critical part of protecting rivers when they come under threat.

Some History

LiquidLore begain in late 2008, initially as just a blog and a few linked pages with some river beta from eastern Canada. After a relocation to BC and a consolidation of where we wanted to go with the LiquidLore guidebook we created the liquidlore.com site and began to expand on river beta with the help of regional contributors, particularly in British Columbia - a region notorious for a lack of river information.

The first substantial upgrade to the site begain in mid 2011 and was completed in March 2012. We hope to expand the scope of our online guidebook and continue to provide quality river beta, hopefully with your help.