The LiquidLore Guidebook

Using the guidebook should be relatively straightforward: go find the river you want and read the info. You can even print it off if you'd like to bring it along with you, or maybe even look it up on your mobile device. Just in case you're wondering, here's how we try and organize our guidebook pages.


The nearest major town or attraction.

What It's Like
An attempt to boil the character of the river down to one sentence.

The difficulty of the whitewater.
This is the difficulty of whitewater you have to run if you don't want to do unnecessary portaging.
Unless otherwise stated, it refers to the difficulty at normal, medium water levels.

How difficult it is to scout and portage things that are normally scouted and portaged.
This assumes you will be scouting and portaging appropriately in relation to the difficulty of the whitewater. For example, if you put on a class V river with the intent of walking all the class V you probably won't agree with what we say here.

What water levels are good for kayaking. We tend to prefer more rather then less water.

Expected time for a first run without a guide, scouting as necessary and with normal portaging.

When To Go
Time of year the river is most likely to have water.

Info From
How much experience we base our information on.

Other Beta
Other web sites with good information.

Link or links to Google Maps of the river.


You'll find all the details here. A general paragraph or two, some comments on water levels and directions to get to the river are always included. There is also usually a short description of the whitewater and a quick mention of any critical dangers. Really, this part is self explanatory.