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The Beaver River is one of the classic New York fall whitewater release season rivers. There are actually three sections of the Beaver that see negotiated releases during the Labour Day weekend and for a few weekends afterwards - the Eagle Falls section is the shortest, but the steepest - it is more of a novelty run than anything else. On the busy Labour Day weekend release there will be a huge peanut gallery spread along its 200 meter length and there will be a hundred kayakers in the water.

Going to the Eagle on a scheduled release always means a flow of 200 cfs - there is little variation. It probably spills over the dam at times of high flow but as it runs reliably every fall there is little record of use outside of the release season. American Whitewater is the best resource for finding out the dates of the releases (they vary from year to year), and to get directions to the river. If in doubt, follow other kayakers to the river. The river is east of Croghan and Belfort.

The Eagle is visually intimidating and with just 4 rapids it is short. However, with a flow of only 200 cfs there is really only one place to go and as such it's not overly difficult. It is pseudo class IV-V boating at it's best, serving as a great introductory run for people looking to try out some steep rapids in a relatively safe river environment. If you can catch it at higher water outside of the releases it will beef up quickly.

From the put in parking, walk to the dam and put in. You can do a fun seal launch or carry a bit further downstream to put in at the rivers edge. If it's your first time it's easiest just to scout the whole thing before getting in your boat. The four rapids start just below the dam and come in quick succession. Continue downstream for a short way for an easy take out under the penstock or take the 5 minute hike back up the left shore to the put in, or to go fire it up again.

Eagle Down the pipe at the big one of the Eagle Falls section.
Eagle Third rapid on the Labour Day release - it's always very busy that weekend.

Updated Mar 2, 2011